Netgear Armor

Now get the most Advanced Security On Your NETGEAR Device


ANTI-VIRUS Protected

Let your router stop cyber threats such as phishing websites, malicious URL's, & privacy attacking cookies etc.

Increase Protection Level

Get each report on your whole protection level & with assistance to improve it.

Get Complete Security from Router

Stay Protected with all your devices with Security at home & on-the-go.

Managing App

Get notification of your security threats detection on your network with Nighthawk & Orbi.

Enjoy the experience of Amplified Security with the Latest NETGEAR Armor Unlimited devices protection

1. Anti-virus protection Security

2. Security status of overview

Award-Winning Cybersecurity

When you are connected with the Internet, your devices may get malware attacks. Your Netgear router can see all of the devices traffic & with Network Security on your devices, you can stop cyber threats as soon as they are get detected. Network Security is a all in one solution that detects & block cyber threats like ransomware, adware, phishing attempts, & trojans.

How You Can Improve Your Networks Protection Level

Networks Protection Level

Netgear Security calculates your level of protection on the bases on the whole network. To get better network & defend against cyber threats. You'll start recieving personalized information from Armor to update you how to improve your Network security.

Get Netgear Armor While On-the-Go

Get this extra ordinary level of cyber-security with you on all your Windows PC, MacOS, Android, & iOS devices. If you need any help while installing process of your network security on any of your device just chat with our experts.

How it works Netgear armor

Armor works as a DNS filter that will keep devices from going to known untrusted sites.

It also comes with network Security for all devices. If you have a lots of devices you need protected. This is the best option to go with.

How this protect covers your devices

If you have 10 family members & everyone have individual computer, it will protect all your family members devices in one go.

Without impacting on your internet speed. But if there is any update going on the router on that time speed may vary as per your ISP(Internet service provider

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